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Educating at our touch tankWe need your help to protect marine mammals! Your donation will help us:

  • Remove thousands of pounds of marine debris from the coastline and offshore islands each year
  • Educate thousands of students in New England schools each year
  • Inspire over 15,000 summer visitors to our Blue Ocean Discovery Center to help protect marine life
  • Learn about endangered whale species through photo-identification research, expansion of our catalog of local individuals, and studying distribution and behavior in an important feeding habitat (Jeffreys Ledge)
  • Distribute educational materials among educational groups, schools, the public and local whale watch naturalists, and information available on this web site.
  • Engage and educate the next generation of environmental stewards through hands-on school programs, internships and volunteer opportunities.
  • And more!

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Monthly Donations

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Adopt a Whale! Annual Adoption

You can also support our efforts by adopting a local whale and learning about conservation.  Adopt-a-Creatures are available for $30 for a one-year adoption.  Shipping is free. Your adoption kit includes:

  • 5”x7” color photo of your whale
  • Sightings history
  • Personalized adoption certificate
  • CD-ROM with a screensaver, over 60 beautiful desktop images and species info
  • Full-color species fact sheet
  • Blue Ocean Society decal, and a one-year subscription to our newsletters
  • Sightings updates of your animal via e-mail and in our newsletter

Which animal would you like to adopt? (See below for animal photos and information) Price: $30.00

(NOTE: a shipping charge will appear in your cart, but we will not charge your card for shipping unless you purchase other merchandise)

Owl Pinball
A female humpback born in 1986. This social female had a new calf in 2013!
Female humpback born in 1989. Pinball had a calf in 2012!
Satula Hornbill


A male humpback first sighted in 1988. He was named for the Finnish word for "saddle"

New for 2014: Hornbill

Hornbill was first seen by researchers in 1977. This mature male has been visiting Jeffreys Ledge frequently in recent years. Although a bit of a loner, Hornbill often surprises visitors by surfacing close by without warning.

Comet Ladder


Comet is a female fin whale who surprised us with a calf in 2007! She was one of the first fin whales we began tracking and is a sporadic visitor to the Ledge.


Ladder is a male fin whale first sighted in 1984. He is easily recognized by his distinctive prop scars.

Fjord Dingle


Fjord is one of our most frequently-seen fin whales! He is a male with a distinctive, huge notch in his fin.

New for 2014: Dingle

Dingle was first seen by researchers in 2003 and has been seen on Jeffreys Ledge frequently ever since. Dingle appears to be quite social, sometimes spending time with other fin whales and even Atlantic white sided dolphins occasionally.


New for 2014: Scar

Scar was first seen by researchers in 1995. This whale’s deep and distinctive scar, possibly caused by a collision with a boat, has not changed since 1995, leading researchers to believe it was acquired quite some time ago.

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