Wanted: Your Hooksett Disk Sightings

Hooksett disks found at a beach cleanup

As you may know, in March 2011, over 4 million white plastic disks were accidentally spilled from the wastewater treatment facility in Hooksett, NH (view the story here).  Since then, we’ve found the disks at our beach cleanups and have heard of others finding them, both locally and in crazy places (northern ME, Rhode Island, and even England!).

As the years wore on, we’ve gotten reports of disks in a variety of ways – through e-mail, text, Facebook and in person.  As we approached the 7-year anniversary of the sightings, we decided we really needed to organize all these sightings in one place and provide an online tool for people to report sightings.

We worked with UNH Cooperative Extension to create a crowdsource map. We incorporated disk sightings from an earlier Google map created by NH Coastal Protection Partnership, added disks found at our cleanups, and uploaded the reports we’d received by other means.  Now, we’re waiting for your report!  Visit reportdisks.org to submit your sighting!

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