#TipTuesday Green Valentine’s Day!

Have a green Valentine’s Day this year! Show your significant other that you love the environment just as much as you love them! Below are some tips on how to make easy switches for a more eco-friendly holiday:

  • Use recycled materials or paper to make your own homemade card. All the effort you put into it will only make it that more special.
  • Instead of stem cut flowers that will die quickly, show them how long your love will last with a potted plant or flower. It also avoids excess plastic wrapping (bonus!). If you really want it to be an eco-choice make sure it’s locally grown too.
  • Skip the balloons! Whether mylar or latex, if these balloons end up flying away into the ocean sea creatures will not be feeling the love.
  • Stay home and cook a homemade meal using organic, local produce. It’s a cheaper option than going out and you don’t have to venture off in the snow!
  • When looking for gifts think outside the box. Buy organic, local, fair trade, eco-friendly gifts that will keep on giving. Or if you are looking for a last minute gift: Adopt a whale for them or make a donation to help the whales in their name!
These bouquets of cut stem flowers may look beautiful but they will die quickly and have excess plastic packaging.