#TipTuesday Green Spring Clean

As the weather starts to get warmer (finally!) and everything outside starts to bloom, it’s time to start your spring cleaning! Declutter after a winter of hibernation and make this year an eco-friendly green clean! Below you’ll find tips and ideas for repurposing and reusing instead of simply throwing out your old things. Cleaning out your space can be good for your home and good for the environment.

Old t-shirts? New rags!
Clear out your closet and in the process add to your rag collection. Gently used clothing you should donate, and stained, ripped or otherwise raggedy clothes are now your new cleaning supplies. Ditch the paper towels and clean your closet all at once!

Greener Cleaner
Get to cleaning with your new rags and an environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaning product. Avoid harsh chemicals around your family and pets and opt for a greener cleaner. Brands like Method, Mrs. Meyer’s, Green Works and Seventh Generation all offer plant-based or eco-friendly products that can be found at your local store. Or make your own homemade cleaner using common household items like baking soda, white vinegar, and lemon. Check out this article on making your own cleaning products.

While decluttering your home you might be tempted to throw away items that no longer serve you a purpose, but take a better look and you might be able to use that item in a different way! Empty, cleaned candle jars are perfect for storing little things, holding your pencils, or organizing your drawers. Glass bottles can even be cut to make a glass (just be careful!). Use other items to help you clean too. Old toothbrush? New corner scrubber! The internet is filled with great ideas for repurposing your old items. Get creative!

Change your lightbulbs
Make the switch to more energy efficient light bulbs and power strips, and unplug things that aren’t being used. Some stores and cities even offer discounts or rebates for using energy efficient light bulbs. They might be a bit more expensive, but in the long run are worth it.

Take advantage of the weather

Photo by Erich Ferdinand via Flickr

When it’s nice out, opt to hang dry your laundry instead of using your dryer. Save on electricity and chemical dryer sheets, and spend time outdoors all in one. If it’s a rainy day, collect water in a bucket or rain barrel and use it to water plants around your house.


Enjoy a greener year!
Organize your life to maximize how eco-friendly you can be. Put your reusable Tupperware in front of those plastic snack bags you bought. Bring your reusable grocery bags to the car so you don’t forget them. Keep your recycling bin close to your garbage so laziness doesn’t keep you from recycling. Little changes to make it easier to go green are always a great idea!

Have any more spring cleaning tips? Share them in the comments below!

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Feature photo by Your Best Digs via Flickr