#TipTuesday Back to School with Blue Ocean

After a very busy summer of whale watching, beach cleanups and our Discovery Center, we’re back with more #TipTuesdays! What better way to kick it off than with a Back to School post. Below you’ll find tips on how to make this school year the greenest ever!

  1. Zero waste lunches! We did a blog about this before, so we thought we’d mention it. Now that you are back to packing lunches every day, keep our tips in mind!
  2. School supplies: Stick to notebooks made of recycled papers or other tree-free alternatives like banana paper. There are eco-friendly pencils and colored pencils available too.
  3. Make an upcycled pencil pouch! Here’s one made of capris sun pouches, pretty fabrics or one made of a soda box carton.
  4. Ride your bike or walk to school when you can! If you can eliminate a bit of your carbon footprint this school year, do so by enjoying the outdoors. If you can’t walk there, try car pooling or taking the bus. 
  5. Keep using your reusable water bottle. During the school years as things get busy it’s easy to go back to the convenience of a plastic water bottle, but avoid the temptation and think about the waste that comes from them.
  6. Have a great school year! Study hard and have fun! And keep in mind, summer is only about 300 days away!

Featured Image by Kco Bort via Flickr