#TipTuesday Natural Bath Products

Today’s #tiptuesday is a reminder to look for bath and body products with little or no chemicals, parabens, pthalates, lead, and other harmful chemicals! Not only are these toxic when absorbed through your skin, they are harmful to the environment as they wash down your drain! Many of the ingredients in commonly used commercial bath products act as endocrine disruptors-this means they can effect hormones, cause reproductive problems, become potentially cancer-causing, or inhibit growth. You can read more about some of these ingredients here and see if they match up to any of your bottles at home.

If you are looking for a natural alternative for commercial soaps, body washes, lotions, bath scrubs and bombs, shampoos, and lip balms, one place to check out is Whisper Hill Bath & Body. These natural products are made on site locally in Quechee, VT. Or if you are a hands-on DIY-er, check out these easy bath product recipes you can make from natural ingredients at home! 


Photo by Denise Karan via Flickr