Atlantic Clean Up, June 11

Jenness Beach Cleanup, 1/14/17

On Sunday, June 11 we’ll be conducting a special shore and shallow water cleanup as part of the Atlantic Clean Up.  The cleanup is organized by No More Plastics for the Azores (NMPA), a citizen’s group working to raise awareness about plastic pollution locally and globally.  NMPA is organizing the cleanup in honor of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, whose birthday is June 11.

Join us at Jenness Beach at 9 AM as we conduct our regular monthly cleanup with a twist!  We’re partnering with world class open water swimmer and local resident Bob Fernald to conduct a parallel cleanup in shallow waters. Led by Bob, swimmers and paddlers (kayak or SUP) can clean the shallow waters of debris alongside our shoreline cleanup.

During the cleanup, we’ll record our findings.  Data helps in our educational programs, to determine where pollution prevention campaigns should be directed, and to inform pollution laws and other initiatives.

We hope to see you there!

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