A Plastic Ocean: Film Screening and Discussion, March 23

Floating plastic, courtesy plasticoceans.org

The problem of plastic pollution is one we encounter daily in our work, through observing plastics on our beaches, in the ocean and along the local streets. We’re just beginning to learn how pervasive this problem is.  Want to learn more about plastics in the ocean and their effects on wildlife and human health? Join us for a screening of A Plastic Ocean, presented at 3S Artspace in partnership with the New Hampshire Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation!

A Plastic Ocean is an epic global adventure following a documentary filmmaker and a world record free-diver as they travel the earth discovering the shocking impact plastic is having on our oceans and the marine animals that live there. The film investigates how our addiction to plastic is impacting the food chain and how that is effecting every one of us through new and developing human health problems. The expedition leads the two adventurers to unusual scientific discoveries, heart-breaking truths and important solutions to one of the biggest problems confronting mankind.

Following the film, we’ll have a discussion about the plastic issue locally and how you can help. Tickets for the event are $10 and proceeds will go towards a local plastic pollution prevention campaign!

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Event sponsored by Blue Ocean Society and Solstice Healthcare Solutions. Image provided by Plastic Oceans Foundation