2016 Marine Debris Report


Our Marine Debris Cleanup and Education Program is crucial to increasing awareness, protecting marine life and beautifying the coastline. Thanks to the help of many volunteers, donors and partners, last year we conducted 200 beach cleanups along the coastline from southern Maine to northern Massachusetts.

During the 2016 New Hampshire Coastal Cleanup, 695 volunteers cleaned 11 miles of coastline and removed 4,948 pounds of litter, which was a great increase over last year, likely due to three large cleanups held in the Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve. Through our Adopt-a-Beach Program and opportunistic cleanups, we collected an additional 4,745 pounds of litter. A total of 84,777 pieces of litter were recorded across the shorelines of the three states.

If you have any questions about this report or what Blue Ocean Society can do for your town, you can reach us by phone at (603) 431-0260 or through email at rebeca@blueoceansociety.org.

Click here for the full report: Blue Ocean Debris Report 2016