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Research & Conservation

Marine Mammal Research
From May-October, we collect observational data on marine mammals and other sightings from local whale watch boats. Our research focuses primarily on and around Jeffreys Ledge, a prominent area in the Gulf of Maine and a popular fishing and whale watching spot. We are the only organization to collect consistent data on the marine mammals inhabiting Jeffreys Ledge during the summer, and have been doing so since 1996...<Read More>

Marine Pollution Research
We study marine debris (trash in the ocean/on the beach) both offshore and on the coast. If you participate in beach cleanup, you are contributing to this data collection effort and helping to increase our knowledge on marine pollution. We'll use this information to develop better education and pollution prevention programs...<Read More>

Beach Cleanups
Our beach cleanups are both a hands-on conservation effort and a research endeavor, as each cleanup contributes to our long-term study on marine pollution and helps us develop targeted education and pollution prevention efforts...<Read More>

Hodgson Brook Project
Since 2005, we have administered a project devoted to restoring the water quality of Hodgson Brook, a 7-mile stream that flows from Pease Tradeport to the North Mill Pond in Portsmouth. The quality of the Brook affects water quality and wildlife in the Pond, which in turn effects the Piscataqua River, which drains into the Gulf of Maine...<Read More>

Pet Waste Outreach Project
A couple years ago, we were walking along Jenness Beach, picking up trash as part of our monthly beach cleanups, and noticed pile after pile of dog waste. Conveniently, the New Hampshire Coastal Program and NH Department of Environmental Services offered a pet waste outreach grant at right around the same time. This gave us funding to start our Pet Waste Outreach Project, which involves tracking dog waste on local beaches and handing out free dog biscuits and biodegradable waste bags to pet owners in exchange for their pledge to pick up after their pet...<Read More>  

Ocean-Friendly Campaign
In spring-summer 2010, Blue Ocean Society intern Andrew Hayford, 15, and a junior at York High School, designed a Keep Our Beaches Clean Campaign. Andrew has done many cleanups in southern Maine as part of Blue Ocean Society's Adopt-a-Beach Program and wanted to do something to stem the trash before it got to the beach and impacted wildlife.

Andrew worked with elementary school students in York to develop artwork and slogans for his campaign, which he then used to create decals. He worked with us to develop an "Ocean-Friendly Checklist" which he brought to area businesses. He encouraged the businesses to display the decal and do 5 actions that would protect the marine environment..<Read More>


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